Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture available at 50-70 Off! Find amazing deals on inflatable sofas, inflatable pool furniture, inflatable mattresses and more!

Inflatable furniture isn’t what you think! From the kid’s room to designer living/ office spaces, blow up furniture can become the centerpiece of any room or exterior space. You are going to be amazed at the range of companies that are producing highly engineered inflatable sofas, inflatable chairs, inflatable ottomans, inflatable beds, modular inflatable outdoor seating systems, enclosures and more…

Inflatable Ideas for Your Interior/Exterior Spaces

Are you looking for innovative decorating ideas for an outdoor space? Do you need something fun and floaty for the pool this summer? What about your kids room - need some fun chairs that can handle rough-housing? Maybe you need additional sleeping areas for family this holiday season... Whatever the case - inflatable beds, inflatable chairs, inflatable sofas, inflatable pool furniture and inflatable living room furniture is inexpensive - convenient - and fun! Adding some cool blow-up furniture to your home is a great way to add personality and excitement to your decorating!


The applications and uses are as varied as your imagination. A fur-covered blow up chair is a wonderful and inexpensive way to add excitement  and fun to a kid’s room. Best of all, you don’t have to ever say “no jumping on the furniture” again!


Are you looking to make a statement in your professional office space? One of the top design firms in Los Angeles uses the new Meritalia modular seating system in their waiting area. Lit from within with low voltage LED lights, these glowing white cubes make a big statement to clients who are looking for innovation and up and coming design trends.

Event Planners and party consultants with a taste for the unusual can make a strong statement by hosting an event furnished with blow up furniture. Guests won’t believe how comfortable and stylish inflatable furniture really is. The key for some models is a wire mesh inner structure that adds rigidity and structural integrity.


Practicality is another great reason to invest in a low cost inflatable living room/bedroom setup. For temporary living spaces furniture can become a real expense, hassle, and logistical nightmare. Short-term renters can easily outfit an entire space with all of the major furniture items that you would need to be comfortable.

Inflatable beds are the most well known from the range of inflatables, but most people have no idea that sofas, ottomans and armchairs are also readily available in a number of styles. When the tenancy is over, blow up furniture will go in a second at your moving sale… People will be so impressed at your ingenuity and snap up your pieces in a second. Because of the relative obscurity of inflatable furniture on the market, it’s just not something people are used to when shopping at brick and mortar stores, even though you can find amazing deals and styles for any occasion online.


Expect to pay about ¼ of what it would cost for a normal piece of furniture. Moving expenses? What moving expenses? Your whole living room/bedroom set goes in the trunk. Leave the cube van rentals to the chumps.

Students on a budget can really make the best of limited resources by choosing inflatable beds and living room furniture. How cool is the kid at school with all the blow up couch in his room? Cool. And even cooler, he/she got it all for a few hundred bucks.


Typically, blow up furniture is made from durable PVC and vinyl. Many models come with a slipcover of some kind so that your skin isn’t touching plastic. Many models are also reinforced for added structural support. You will need a pump and a few minutes to give shape to your blow up furniture… and that’s about it. No cleaning, no worries about staining, just make sure you stop Sylvester from sharpening his claws!

Green Furniture

Recently, a company called Reycoool, brainchild of Nir Ohayon of Israel, has made some wave with his line of inflatable furniture. Metal structure with recylcled inner tube woven through makes for a stylish [to some tastes!] and undeniably "green" furniture line. Available for less than $100 per piece, Reycoool has made their inflatable seating affordable, trendy, and environmentally friendly. For people with a hands on approach or special needs - Reycoool will custom make your own design to spec! visit their website to find out more...


Since the 60's, inflatable furniture has been a growing niche market. Designers in the post modern era found a new avenue to express ideas with inflatable chair and sofa design.

Since its inception, blow up furniture has found its way into some markets as the standard. For example, swimming pools around the world would be replete without thier floating armchairs, camping trips would be back breaking events without their blow up mattresses and kids rooms wouldn't be half as fun without a blow up armchair.

In other markets, inflatable furniture continues to be marginalized. Living rooms rarely offer a cushy air filled component, but this is starting to change. As awarenes grows, and companies produce stylish new designs, the press has been covering this exciting niche more often.

With companies like Reycoool bringing something fresh to the green market, Blowfields new design friendly sofas breaking in to the mainstream and Meritalia's high style LED lit cubes, were sure to see more and more.

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