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Inflatable mattresses keep getting better and better. Far from the bulky, stiff, cumbersome air mattresses I remember from christmasses in the basement at Grandmas house... technology has truly brought this modern convenience into the 21ts century.

With the advent of the Aerobed, things have gotten considerably more functional, convenient and practical. Most air mattresses pack up into a small sleeping bag size stuff sac, and pump up easily with a small electric air pump. For indoor use, electric pumps make sense and are esy to use - taking about 3-5 minutes to fully inflate your air bed. Outdoors is a bit of different story, and if you will be using a foot pump, you need to consider portability and how much leg power you want to expend to inflate your bed each night.

Air mattresses are great for college dorms, and temporary living. for about $50 you can get yourself a Coleman Inflatable Mattress. Coleman gets consistently good customer reviews and are known for their well made and durable products. A friend of mine slept on his Coleman Air Bed for two years during college and raved about it. When is came time to move out after graduation, he simply deflated and packed his bed in a small box. So simple!

However, most inflatable bed applications are short term - just a few nights every so often. When family come to visit during special occasions, you can easily put the kids in their own room with a couple of air beds and sleeping bags. I assure you - kids today will be far luckier than I was in my Grandma's basement as i slowly deflated during the night, dreading my inevitable touchdown at around 4 in the morning each night. When the in-laws pack up and head home, simply deflate and your air mattresses store easily in a closet until next year.

Inflatable mattresses aren't just for kids - these beds are capable of supporting the weight of two full grown adult comfortably. So, next time you are thinking of giving up your bed when friends from out of town are visiting, go online instead and find a nice queen size Aerobed and set your visitors up in the living room. Tell them to shut up and try it for one night. I promise you - they wont complain! Aerobeds are incredibly comfortable and great for a few nights or more.

Aerobeds are known for inflating fully and offering a firm - almost mattress-like sleeping surface. Coleman air mattresses also are comfortable and made to last. Both pump up quickly with a small electric air pump.

Whatever your needs - camping, extra sleeping for guests or for temporary housing - inflatable mattresses are an inexpensive solution - when you shop online. Get yours shipped right to your doorstep and take advantage of some amazing deals when you shop online.

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