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With summer fast approaching, I bet you are getting excited to spend your evenings and weekends by the pool. I am also willing to bet that once you open up your storage area and get out your old pool toys, you are going to realize that half of them need patching or are simply beyond repair. Now is the time to get some new inflatable pool furniture and get ready to relax style.

There are so many fun styles to choose from, so we are just going to cover a few of them for you quickly here:

First - the Molly Brown - thousands of individual entrapped air bubbles that makes this style of pool float very soft and very comfortable. It can be rolled up for easy storage and should easily last several seasons.

Second - the unsinkable pool float - made of ultra-soft, forever buoyant foam. Many popular floating lounge chairs are made using this ultra bouyant foam... we know - not inflatable! But it needs to be covered here to be thorough. Although this style is not prone to punctures or leaks - it also requires more storage space in the off-season.

Third - the framed floating lounger - these are made with woven textile fabric over a solid frame. Thes often featurearm rests and cup holders to hold your beverage securely while you float and relax. Many use the rigid foam for floatation.

Fourth - OUR FAVOURITE!!! - the inflatable pool lounger - Styles are SO widely varied that it would take pages and pages to cover them here. Great for kids and affordale - you can find inflatable pool furniture with favorite cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants or the Little Mermaid. Generally - the kids models are inexpensive and you wont cry if they only last a couple seasons. For adults - there are also some really cool styles. You can get an inflatable pool lounger with armrests and a drink holder... some even come with canopies to protect from the sun.

Relaxing by the pool is fun. Relaxing IN the pool is awesome... Find the best deals on inflatable pool furniture online and get yours shipped directly to your door. Look for coupon codes to your major online stores and save as much as 25-50% OFF.

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