Inflatable Sofa

Great inflatable sofa styles to choose from!

Are you looking for an inflatable sofa? Good news... Inflatable sofas are great for any apartment, dorm room, play room, or any room you want to add some fun to. They are portable and durable and comfortable. The range of styles is widely varied from whimsical and fun - to contemporary - to designer - and beyond.

A bubble type inflatable sofa is usually more inexpensive and is suitable for a adding a quirky accent to your room. bubble sofas add a nice sitting area to any dorm room. They come in many shapes and sizes and colors and are easily inflated with an electric pump.

If you need your seating area to double as a sleeping are, then a convertible sofa can convert in to a bed for sleeping and a sofa for lounging. Need even more options? It separates into two twin beds, or can be combined into one big king bed. Surprisingly comfortable as well - and come with a soft covering so you don't feel plastic directly under your bottom sheet.

Looking for a piece to add to a waiting area or office? Inflatable sofas even come in stylish designs for those wanting a real conversation piece. Add this furniture to your room and it will surely get some comments. Top designers have made waves with inflatable sofas and chairs for years now.

Do your kids need another piece of furniture to romp on? One you won't care if they spill grape juice on? Inflatable sofas are great for kids rooms. Kids will have a blast sitting on their light weight inflatable sofa. Sofas come in many styles for your kid's favorite animated character, sports team, or superhero.

5 Questions To Ask When Shopping for an Inflatable Sofa

Q: Should I get an inflatable sofa if I have pets?
A: If you have cats or dogs, an inflatable sofa probably is not a good idea because the pets might scratch holes into it. if your animals are declawed or prefer their scratching post - you're fine.

Q: How long does it take to blow it up?
A: You really need an electric pump or less preferably a bike pump to blow up the sofa. Big sofas like the convertible sofa may come with their own air pump or have ones that are sold separately. Otherwise - you can get one at any hardware store.

Q: What are the disadvantages of inflatable sofas?
A: Some people say that they makes squeaky noises (depends on material). They are not as stable since they are lightweight. Possible to leak. Usually sit low to the ground. this really depends on the manufacturer - do your homework! Read some reviews before you buy.

Q: How much does an inflatable sofa cost?
A: Varies around $35 to $100. Spend as much as $350 and up for higher end models.

Q: How much weight can an inflatable sofa support?
A: Heavy duty sofas can support about 500 pounds. Regular sofas support around 250 pounds, and kids sofas can hold about 90 pounds. Check the manufacturers specs before you buy and avoid disappointment.

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